Talks, Courses and Workshops

When I started my journey with these wonderful dyes there were very few options for learning about Natural Dyeing. It has taken a lot of research and experimentation over the years, studying the old texts, not the modern “coffee table” books, to really master the techniques necessary to create the colours that hold and last. I love having the opportunity to share my experience with Natural Dyes, helping my students skip the struggles I had to go through in those early years. I ensure that all my courses are thorough and hopefully inspire my students to take this research and enthusiasm further themselves.

As well as the practical dyeing courses I also give talks on various aspects of the history of Natural Dyes.

I am happy to delivery workshops and courses for SWD Guilds, Museums, Schools, HE  and all Textile Groups, please contact me for details and costs.

Twice a year we run courses in Northern France. These are our own home grown “in the dyehouse” courses where we invite you to come to our base here in France and enjoy 3 or 5 days of immersion in the joys of working with colour.

Details of courses for 2019 will be posted later in the year.

Workshop 1

Bradford – Turkey Red workshop

workshop 2

Fibrefest Mini Workshop

Bradford Turkey Red

Bradford  – Turkey Red Workshop


Current talk titles:

The Life and Times of the Mediaeval Dyer, The Life and Times of the Tudor Dyer, Dyeing in WW1.