A New Year

Happy New Year!

A new year – a fresh start! I hope you all had a really lovely Festive Break and are ready to take on the exciting new challenges ahead. I always feel January is the promise of new adventures so lets get going!

clothworkers building
Home of the School of Design

For me it is hard work ahead studying for my Post Graduate Research here in Leeds – lots of experiments, reading and writing up! We are moving to Leeds to accommodate all the learning and research that is happening, with no available dyehouse there, so commission work will have to go on hold until this is sorted. The shop is hopefully re opening later in the month!

It is recommended that regular writing – of a journal or blog is good practice, so I will try to get back to more informative posts, some may go back over past work, some with information of what we are discovering, hopefully all of interest to natural dyers and purchasers of naturally dyed materials.

Starting as I mean to go on –

One of the things I have avoided in the past is using too many chemical terms, people are more likely to recognise the plant names than the chemical names However, the reality is that when using natural dyes, just like synthetics we are using chemicals and doing CHEMISTRY. It makes me ANGRY when so called “eco dyers” insist on saying they aren’t using chemicals – YES THEY ARE!!!! I wish I could scream it all across the internet and get them to change their pages.

So from now on you will see the chemical name or names used in my posts, not just the plant names. A review of my old blog A history of Colour shows that I used to be a fairly keen blog post writer, with several posts there that could do with a re vamp – I look forward to adding to it all here! Hope you’ll join me along the way!

4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. How desperately exciting for you! Can’t wait to see what you produce, both written and practical.

    And yes, if the eco-dyers would only say ‘artificial/synthetic chemicals’ I wouldn’t get so infuriated with them either.

    Happy New Year!

  2. If you are changing the colour of something you are going to have to use some form of chemical. I am no scientist, but that just seems a basic, common sense idea.
    Otherwise why do things change colour, magic? !
    I shall look forward to reading your blogs. X

  3. Keep up the good work, Debbie. Ignorance about chemistry upsets me , and the eco-waffle is now very prevalant. I remember years ago a jar of Vecon spread that said it ‘contained no chemicals’ – my brother and I then both in primary school, had a long discussion and decided we had to open it very carefuly as it must be anti-matter.

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