Currently a Post graduate Researcher at the University of Leeds, researching the most efficient methods of mordanting fibres with the environment and sustainability in mind, Debbie is also an Associate of the Society of Dyers and Colourists*.

Her brand, The Mulberry Dyer, was established in the early 1990’s following the completion of the City and Guilds Art and Design – Embroidery course, with a view to producing naturally dyed embroidery silks, which at that time were unavailable. Meticulous research into dyes and methods used in the 17th century resulted in the accurate reproduction of these silks. This research was then expanded to cover all periods in history and for other fibres. Examples of work can be found in the V & A Museum, Hampton Court Palace, the Globe Theatre and other Museums and Historic Houses across the UK and Europe.

Lindisfarne Castle, dyeing for Anya Gallaccio

A specialist in the dyestuff madder, she runs courses and masterclasses and is the first dyer for many decades to successfully reproduce the Turkey Red process in Europe. Research and experimentation continue for both historical and Industrial purposes, she is currently a Post Graduate Researcher at the University of Leeds. Environmental impacts of natural dyes and mordants, colourfastness (light, wash and rub) are key to current research. For several years a consultant to Industrial Organisations wishing to add naturally dyed products to their range.

A contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles c450 – 1450** and with several articles published in The Journal (for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers) a book is the next step.

*Equivalent to an Honours degree in Natural Dyes.


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Notable TV appearances include

  • Victorian Farm Christmas Special – Dyeing Christmas Ribbons
  • A stitch in Time – producing the green for the Arnolfini dress in the second episode.


Contact details :

  • email: fishwife@mulberrydyer.co.uk
  • telephone: +44 (0) 7807 218098