Life can be very exciting!

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that as well as my Post Graduate Study at Leeds I will also be working as Project Manager for Keracol (an SME based at Leeds University) under the Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology Partnership (BFTT) R & D programme, led by the University of the Arts, London. Sustainability and the environment have always had a huge bearing on my work, it is a privilege to be involved in such an innovative project.

If you are looking to top up any of your embroidery yarns here’s a quick reminder that Ewe and Ply in Oswestry are stockists of Mulberry Dyer embroidery threads – wool, silk and linen. If you have any burning projects for over the winter or are just running low on favourite colours do please head over in their direction to place an order.

I’m discovering some limitations to being able to work with the pacemaker – principally lifting the weight of wet wool, it is now too much for me given the risk of pulling out wires!! This sadly means that the larger hanks of wool – the 50g hanks – will be gradually phased out. As colours sell they will not be replenished. It is far easier to let machinery deal with this side of dyeing so I continue to work with industry as a consultant as required.

Embroidery threads and linens will continue, probably in collections more – The colours of … are very popular so I would like to create some new ones particularly for the silks.