A few changes coming

A few changes coming

I’ve been very lax about writing posts here, sorry, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening!

So here’s an update!

– We intend to start running online courses “live” these are currently in the planning stage, but will be listed here soon. There are so many ” introduction to” “beginner” “learn to” type courses – maybe you’d like to suggest some topics that would be interesting to cover?

Due to the changes in VAT selling in / to Europe the shop will be temporarily closed before the end of the month until we have sorted how we can deal with this. As we are a small British business we do not need to register for VAT, but that means selling to Europe becomes a problem, if we start a business in France we come under different rules of course, but will have to look at pricing – so we need to see the best way forward.

If there is something you need feel free to email or message and we’ll do our best to sort for you!

natural dyes

I have been doing quite a bit of research with madder – I started the Rubia Tinctorum blog but became so engrossed in what I was doing that I haven’t managed to write things up online, there will be a research report on it though once completed. It’s something a little different to the norm … about how the roots get processed once pulled up and I can tell you it’s been fascinating! I’ll also get back to going through recipes and writing them up. Retirement age has now gone up and although it started out with the idea of 65 recipes for my 65th year I think it’s going to turn into however many recipes I can do by my 66th birthday / pension date!

page from madder blog

In light of the above changes the website is also going to have a re vamp, this of course will take a little bit of work for me to get all the technology working properly – please bear with me!

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to add them either here, on facebook or instagram … Chat to you all soon!


2 thoughts on “A few changes coming

  1. Hi Debbie, We really missed seeing you at TORM! I put in an order with you on Friday – just checking that that will be ok. It is fairly urgent – I’m in the process of restoring a C19 altar frontal and want to get it done before my daughter , son in law and their three under-5s come to quarantine with us in July. Something tells me that Smalls and Silks don’t mix!
    Love to you both and hope that you can get past the idiocies of politicians. See you in November DV

    1. Hi Catherine, it was sooo strange to not be there and just putting the photos and comments up on the facebook pages. Really missed seeing everyone (but not the setting up and taking down, haha!) I have seen your order and will get it sorted and in the post – I usually go every Wednesday with post and do shopping, will get out tomorrow!

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